Damian Bancks – The One World Series

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I have always had a fascination with fabric and fabric print, particularly batik. I enjoy the use of motif and colour especially on men’s shirts. It seemed inevitable that fabric would creep into my work in some way, and so in my most recent art works I have collaged shirt fabrics often using the collage as inspiration for my paintings. These works have seen a return to colour which seems to bring the child in me to life. I become playful within the art work and when playing with colour I can’t help but feel bright and cheerful.

In this new body of work I investigate men’s identity through colours and patterns that are significant to former refugee men from various countries. Refugee men often struggle to find new identity within a new community and even at home with their family. As a part of my investigation I have run an art workshop with a group of men, taking through some techniques of media on paper, working with them to establish motifs that reveal meaning relevant to their life and culture. For this body of work
The One World Series I have taken inspiration from the men’s art works and our conversations, and then I have combined this with my own research. I have integrated cultural motifs including the shapes of different countries and blended all of this into collages that represent the multifaceted meaning of men’s identity.

Image: One World 1, 2013

Upcoming Exhibitions

IAVA Annual Showcase
November 2013
Project Contemporary Artspace,